Annapolis Heritage Society | Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Welcome to the Annapolis Heritage Society

The Annapolis Heritage Society preserves our heritage by making it accessible to everyone in ways that will promote curiosity about the people, places and events that have shaped us. Its mandate is to support its mission by:

  • responsibly operating its museums and resource centres
  • developing relevant programming
  • continuing research, discovery and collection activities
  • committing to the rehabilitation of buildings, through example or advocacy
  • educating the broader community about local heritage and its benefits
  • actively supporting relevant community and government aims which benefit heritage preservation.

The Annapolis Heritage Society owns and operates two museums — the O’Dell House Museum and the Sinclair Inn Museum. It also manages North Hills Museum, on behalf of the Nova Scotia Museum. The Society operates its Genealogy Centre out of the O’Dell House Museum.

The Annapolis Heritage Society is a member of the Association of Nova Scotia Museums, Council of Nova Scotia Archives, Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, Canadian Museums Association, Southwest Nova Curator's Group, and the Annapolis Board of Trade.

Support for the operations of the Society comes primarily from membership fees, donations, financial gifts and grants. It is a registered charity.

Acadian Walking Tour Map

Port Royal 1710

Take a tour through historic Port Royal with our new heritage walking map. This map superimposes the Delabat 1710 map of Port Royal over a modern map of Annapolis Royal, showing the homes of Acadian residents at the time.

This map was made possible through funding from the Government of Nova Scotia's Acadian and Francophone Community Projects Program. Special thanks to those who had a hand in creating this valuable community resource. Printed brochures are now available at Annapolis Heritage Society sites.




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