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William Robertson codicil, 23 October 1812

Here is a transcription of the second codicil dated 23 October 1812:
I William Robertson of Annapolis Royal in the County of Annapolis and Province of Nova Scotia Merchant, having made and declared my last Will and testament in writing bearing date the same day and year with these present, do make and publish this Codicil to my said last Will and testament, that is to say, I do hereby ratify and confirm my said will and testament in all things not herein after expressly altered. Whereas by my said last Will I have given and bequeathed unto my beloved Wife Mary Adelia a clear Annuity or yearly Income of Sixty Pounds of lawful money of Nova Scotia for and during her natural life to be raised and paid in manner expressed in and by my said Will; now my Will and meaning is that the said Annuity shall be diminished fifteen pounds and that my said Wife shall have and receive an annuity or clear yearly Income of Forty five pounds of lawful money aforesaid yearly and every year during her natural life, instead of the said annuity of Sixty pounds, to be raised and paid and charging all my Estate for the payment of the said sum yearly in like manner as the same is made, chargeable by my said Will for the annuity therein mentioned and hereby reduced; And in lieu of the fifteen pounds yearly hereby deducted from the said annuity, I do hereby give and devise to my said Wife Mary Adeliafor and during the Term of her natural life, the home wherein I now reside, together with the Barn and out houses thereto immediately belonging, (not including hereby the Store and Wharf in front of the said premises), as also the Chaise House in the back Street, Also the Garden or lot or lots of land upon which the said House and buildings stand, and the small lot of land in the back Street. Also I give and bequeath unto my said Wife Mary Adelia my riding Chair and Harness, as also my Clock

(-----) the Silver spoons in use in my house at my decease. And further I give and bequeath unto my said Wife such other articles of my plate, furniture &c as she may select, and which in the opinion and discretion of my said Executors, or the major part of them shall be reasonable and proper for her personal convenience and accommodation. My wearing apparel, bed linen and table linen and the furniture not hereof otherwise disposed of, in use in my house, I leave to be disposed of by my said Wife amongst her children at her discretion. And it is my Will, and I do hereby further order and direct that One Hundred pounds of lawful money of Nova Scotia part and parcel of the share or portion bequeathed in and by my said last Will and Testament to my son Alexander shall be paid and distributed, and I do hereby give and bequeath the said sum of One Hundred pounds of the share or portion of the said Alexander unto and among my other children, that is to say, Daniel Robertson, William Robertson, John Robertson, James Robertson and Margaret Ruggles their heirs or assigns forever share and share alike, to be paid at the time and in the like manner to them as their several shares or portions of my Estate bequeathed to them respectively are appointed by my said Will. And it is my express Will and intention that no part or parts of my said Will or the dispositions or directions contained therein shall in any manner be affected or altered further than necessary to carry into effect the purpose by strict literal construction of this Codicil to my said last Will and it is my Will and meaning that this Codicil be adjudged to be a part and parcel of my last Will and testament; and that all things herein mentioned and contained be faithfully and truly performed, and as fully and amply in every respect as if the same were so declared and set down in my said last Will and Testament. Witness my hand this twenty third day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twelve.

William Robertson

Signed, published & Declared by the above named William Robertson, as a Codicil to be annexed to his last Will and Testament, (the words “my clock ----” between the 9th & 10th lines of the second page, and the words “and the furniture not herein otherwise disposed of” between the 18th & 19th lines of the same page first Intersined In presence of us-

Geo. Henkell
Lawrence Sneden
Wm. G. Bailey