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John Rice will, 4 April 1811

Here is a transcription of the will of John Rice of Annapolis dated 4 April 1811, proved 24 May 1811:
In the Name of God Amen I John Rice of Annapolis in the County of Annapolis and in the Province of Novascotia Being weeke in bodey but of sound memory (Blessed be God) do this fourth day of April in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven Make and Publish this my last Will and Testament, in manner following (that is to say) first I give unto my Beloved daughter Mary Potter the wife of Mr. Israel Potter twenty three Rods in width of the lot I now live on No.1 Known by the name of Cobb lot, on the westerly side adjoining lands formely deeded to Thomas Rice, now belonging to Josiah Spur Bounded Northly on the high Road and lands belonging to James Starrot, Running back South six degrees east the whole length of my lot eighty acers more or less, also four acers of marsh whereof the biggest part is now diked in at the expense of the above said lying on the southerly line between Thomas Ritchie Esq and my self exclusive of what was Given her at her Marriage- Allso unto my beloved son William Rice I give the whole profits of four acers of marsh where of the greatest part is now under dikes adjoining the above four acers bequeathed to my daughter Mrs PotterRunning from the high Road Southerly untill it comes to Allens Creek so called, the whole of his life time he paying to my executrix the sum of eleven pounds Novascotia Curency for the diking and ditching, and after my son William’s death, to be the sole property of his oldest son then living if any, if not be the property of the oldest daughter forever. Also, I give unto my beloved sonJames Rice twenty three rods in Width of my lot No.1 Known by the name of Cobb lot, beginning on the easterly side of the above twenty three rods bequeathed to my above mentioned daughter Running back from the line between Mr. (------) and my self, the whole length of my lot Eighty acers more or less, with Eight acers and a half of Marsh where of the Greatest part is now diked four acres of it was intended for Thomas Rice he has now sold his Right and total toJames Rice, he the said James Rice paying eleven pounds Novascotia Curency for diking and ditching to my Executrix. the said eight acers of marsh is bounded on the King’s Road and the above said four acers bequeathed the profits of to my son William Rice Running from the Road to Allins Creek so colled- Likewise unto my beloved Wife during her life time, I Give all the profits arising from the Residue of my lot No.1 Known by the Name of Cobb lot, on the easterly side adjoining lands belonging to Henry Hardwick Containing nearly one hundred aces, with the Residue of Marsh the Greatest part now diked Containing about eleven acers and a half with all the privileges and appurtenances there to belonging or any wise appertaining with all the movibles and outstanding debts, making them subject to the Payment of all my debts and fewneral Charges, my desire that my sons Silas, William, and Thomas Rice should have each of them one Good Cow a piece, out of the above mentioned movebls, as my son James is to have my Shop and all my Carpenter tooles- Likewise after my Beloved Wife’s Deceas, all the Real Estate shall be equally divided between all the lawfull Heirs with what of the movebls that she has not disposed of, that is to say Silas Rice Mary Potter the wife of Israel Potter, William Rice Thomas Rice and James Rice.- And I Make and ordain Mary Rice my Beloved wife sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament in trust for this intent purpose, in this my last will and Testament Contained, and I make my Beloved Sons James Rice and Israel PotterOversears of this my Will to take care and se the same performed according to my true intent and meaning. In Witness whereof I the said John Rice have to this last Will and Testament set my hand and Seal the Day and Year above written-

John Rice

Signed sealed and delivered by the said John Rice as and for his last will and Testament in presence of us who was present at the signing and sealing thereof-

Thomas Rice
Josiah Spur
Joseph Dunn