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John Haynes will, 21 September 1789

Here is a transcription of the Will of John Haynes of Granville dated 21 September 1789:
In the Name of God amen I John Haynes of Granville Being very weak in firm in Body of perfect mind and memery and Cauling to mind the mortality of my Body that it is asigned For all men once to die do Commit my Soul unto the Hands of God who gave it and my Body to the Earth to be Buried With a Decent Christean Burial at the Descreshin of my sone Daniel Haynes and my administrator a Cording to this agreement; And as touching sum small worly intrest which I Have not yet Disposed I give & bequeath to my sone Ephraim Haynes my two Cows and two Calves which are in the Hands of Daniel Haynes for three years from the first of Last May on condition the foresaid Ephraim does not Come Suner and said Daniel will obligate Himself to Deliver at the End of sd time to Deliver Said Cows with two Heffers with Calf or Calves a Cording to Custom and that sd Ephraim to Have my gun & Handsaw all which he is to Have when Ever he Comes and if he comes not in three years the cows to be let out on the same way as at first and if he Comes not then His Sisters Mary Kathrins, Hannah Messenger Tabitha Barnes to Equaly Devided them and my Household goods att thear mother and as to one lot of land namely 10/5 (?) on the Basin to be Sold for mony or fish at mony Price and three Pounds to be sent to Boston to be Delivered to without fraud or delay it isa to the heirs viz administrators of Mr. Elisha Whealor late of Sudbury, Deceased, and for the Remainder of the mony for the said Lot I give to my sone Samuel Haynes, and for Daniel Haynes my sone to Pay to the heirs or administrator of Daniel Haynes of Sudbury in Boston government three Pounds Lawful mony a Cording to His Bond with me to Pay all my just Debts and as he justly ows me as I think on account which I Shall Leave with my administrator Mr. Enoch Towner to this my Last will. My will is that his Debt Discharges if Payd the foresaid Sum within one year after my Desease and my administrator for His trobel. My will is that Joseph & Elis(h)a Mesinger my teo grandsons to Have all my Sheap that I shall Leave. I mean that these Sheap Shall be Let out according to the custom of the Contry til the afore said grandsons Shall be of Age. Ratifying this My Last will and Testament and No other to be of any force & I have Hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this Twentith first Day of September one thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Nighn and the twentieth Ninth year of His Majesty Raighn Gorge the third King of Grate Briton France & Irland &&&.

John Haynes

Sind and Sealed & Delivered In Presents of us

James McEuen

Rosanah X McEuen

Anne Townner