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John Halliday codicil, 28 March 1796

Here is a transcription of the Codicil of John Halliday of Granville dated 8 March 1796:
Be it Known unto all Men, that I John Halliday of Granville being still weak of body, but sound in mind and memory; and being Desirous to remove any Disputes that might arise (after my Death) between my wife Elizabeth, and my children, and to settle everything in an amicable manner between them, I thought good, and it is my will and Desire, that the following things be added as Codicil to this my last will and Testament, in the manner following Viz.
In the first place, It is my will and Desire that Elizabeth my wife shall have her full third of the rent of my farm or Estate, to be paid her, as she shall Demand it and also a house or room to live in separate, If she finds it necessary to live apart from her children.
Secondly It is also my will that the Bed on which we at present lie, with every thing belonging there to, be given at my wife’s Death to my Daughter Hannah’s orphan Child, Ann Gould. Also I leave two good Ewes to s’d Ann Gould to be put out for twelve years to Doubled in four years; to be given to her with their increase when she comes to age.
Thirdly, I leave to my Daughter Ann Hutson (----) each one good Ewe, to be put out in the same manner as (----) above.
Fourthly, it is my will that my sons John and William (----) each have two milk Cows five sheep apiece, (----) Delivered (----) at the Death of their Mother. All this to be of Equal force as my will and Testament. Signed and sealed this twenty Eighth Day of March one thousand seven hundred and ninety six, and in the presence of us the undernamed Witnesses to this Codicil~

John Halliday

It is also my will and Desire that John Gould be put to any trade he shall chose, when fit and also two Ewes to be put out as Expressed to his Sister.’

William Kerr
William Gilliat