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Henry Fowler will, 21 February 1787

Here is a transcription of the will of Henry Fowler of Granville dated 21 February 1787, proved 1 January 1788:
In The Name of God Amen, the twenty first day of February in the years of Our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven, I Henry Fowler of the township of Granville in the county of Annapolis and province of Nova Scotia farmer, being sick and weak in body, but of sound and perfect mind and memory (praise be given to God for the same) and Knowing the Uncertainty of this life on earth, and being desirous to settle things in Order, Do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form following; (that is to say) first and principally I commend my soul to Almighty God my creator, assuredly believing that I shall receive full pardon and free remission of all my sins, and be saved by the precious death and merits of my blessed Saviour and redeemer Christ Jesus, And my body to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in such decent and Christian manner as to my executors hereafter named shall be thought meet and convenient, And as touching such worldly estate as the Lord in mercy hath lent me, My will and Meaning is, the same shall be imployed and bestowed, as hereafter by this my will is expressed, And first I do revoke, renounce, frustrate and make Void all wills by me formerly made And declare and Appoint this my last will and Testament- Item. I give and bequeath Unto my four beloved Daughters Hannah Fowler, Elizabeth Fowler, Sarah Fowler and Margret Fowler the whole of my estate both real and personal to be equally divided Among them Share and share alike as follows (that is to say) to each of them out of my Moveable estate I give and Bequeath one feather Bed bolster and pillows, with a bedstead and beding for the same; And it is my will and desire and I do hereby Order and direct my executors (herein after named) to this my last will and testament, Soon After my decease to sell and dispose of all the remaining part of my moveable estate to the best advantage, except my wife’s wearing apparel which are to be divided between my said four daughters share and share alike, it is also my will and desire I do hereby order and direct my Executors to collect and call in all the debts due to me- either by notes, bonds or book debts; And after paying of my funeral Charges and such Just debts as I may Owe to put the naet proceeds of the sales of my said moveable estate and the Money Arrising from the debts so called in, Out to Interest on good security, And keep it Out as much as possible in good hands Untill my Youngest daughter Margret Arrives to Age or is Married if that should happen before she is of Age; it is likewise my will and desire and I do hereby Order and direct my Executors, as soon as possible after My death, to rent out all my lands and improvements thereon to the best advantage Untill My said Youngest daughterMargret comes of age or marrys if that happens before she is of Age; And then to be sold for the Most it will fetch and the Money Arriseing therefrom and the Money at Interest being the whole of My estate; I give and Bequeath to my said four daughters Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah andMargret to be equally divided and paid to them share and share alike by my executors as soon as possible it can conveniently be done after my daughter Margret is of Age or Married; but if either of my said daughters die before they are of Age or Married then her or their proportion of my estate to be equally divided between the Surviveing Sisters; and I do further order will and direct that the Interest Money Annually Arriseing from my Moveable estate and the Annual rents of my lands till my said youngest Daughter Margret Arrives to Age or Marriage be applied to the bringing up my said four Daughters Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah and Margret, According to the discretion of my executors; And in case the said Interest Arriseing from my Moveable estate with the rents of my Lands shall or may not be Sufficient to bring them up; I then will and Direct my executors to Collect in as Much of the principal of my Moveable estate as they may think Sufficient for the purpose of bringing Up my said four Daughters Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarahand Margret- And I Likewise Appoint Constitute Make and Ordain my Beloved FriendsJonathan Fowler of the town of Digby in the County of Annapolis And Province of Nova Scotia, and Edward Thorn of the Township of Granville in the County and province Aforesaid to be the sole Executors to this my Last will and Testament In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year first Above Written-

Henry Fowler

Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the said Henry Fowler to be his Last Will and Testament In Presence of Us-

James Wilmot
Lawrence Hartwicke
Jas. Irwin