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Lower Granville

This is the school attendance record from Lower Granville in two slender volumes: one covering 22 August-11 December 1808; the other 12 December 1808 to 1 April 1809. Both volumes also served as business ledgers for local merchant Darby Cronin, suggesting he was the schoolmaster at the time. The school ran six days a week, Monday through Saturday. In 1814 the residents of Lower Granville agreed to hire another Irishman, Roger Quinn, as schoolmaster.

Thomas Anthony
Edward Covert
John Covert
Luke Covert
Dennis Cronin
Elizabeth (Betty) Cronin
Sarah Cronin
Mary Haynes
John Haynes
Sally Haynes
Waity Haynes
Hannah Johnson
James Johnson
Margaret (Peggy) Johnson
John Lammerson/Lamberson
Samuel Merritt
Charlotte Oaks
Dennis Oaks
Ephraim Oaks
Harriet Oaks
Obadiah Oaks
Phineas Oaks
Joseph Oliver
William Oliver
Abby Ryder
Jane Ryder
Samuel Ryder
Samuel Wooder/Woodard
William Woodard
James Woster
Joseph Woster
John W (Winchester?)
Kitt W (Christopher Winchester?)