Annapolis Heritage Society | Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia


  • Loyalists & Land Settlement in Nova Scotia, compiled by Marion Gilroy, PANS (1937). Lists Loyalist grants, warrants and escheats in Nova Scotia by name of grantee, date, location, number of acres of grant/warrant/escheat, and origin and/or rank of grantee.
  • The Loyalist Guide: Nova Scotian Loyalists & Their Documents, compiled by Jean Peterson, PANS (1983). Lists primary and secondary sources for researching Loyalist groups or individuals.
  • The Black Loyalist Directory, edited by Graham Russell Hodges, 318 pp. (Garland Publishing Inc., New York and London, 1996)
  • The Hessians of Nova Scotia, compiled by Johannes Helmut Mertz (1997). Data on disbanded German soldiers who settled at various places in Nova Scotia after the American Revolution (from primary and secondary sources).
  • Hessians in Annapolis County, by Ira Maxwell Sutherland (1956). BA thesis on the disbanded German soldiers granted land in Clements township after the American Revolution.