Annapolis Heritage Society | Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Historic Poetry

In years past, the Annapolis Spectator made it a common practice to publish poetry by local authors. The poems ranged from seasonal pieces written to welcome the apple blossoms to poetry written to celebrate the community. The following poem provides an interesting portrait of the Annapolis Royal business community almost 100 years ago.

Joe’s Verses

About our old Annapolis Town,
A place of beauty and renown,
What about our John McKay
Can’t he make the Scott Act pay?

Oscar Lewis on the water cart,
Trying hard to do his part:
Keeping down the flying dust;
Bound to do his work or bust.

Riley and Lewis good truckmen,
Ready whenever you want them,
Working always early or late,
Call them up you need not wait.

Now to Crowe, Elliott and Co.,
Nothing here that is too slow.
Stoves hardware and dippers;
Bring your money in your flippers.

A.E. Blackie, boots and shoes,
Large assortment from which to choose,
From heavy boots to very light,
Willing to please and prices right.

Where’ll we fit in Runciman
With his dry goods and wall paper
“Herby’s smart” can do with honor,
His large store is on the corner.

How about our novelty store!
Neville always at the door
To welcome those of state –
Takes your picture while you wait.

Jimmy Lindgren is the beaut,
Trying hard to sell his fruit.
Has a smile for all the ladies,
Plenty of suckers for the babies

Potter Brothers are out of sight,
Got a stock of pure delight,
Everything the eye to tease,
Call and but what e’re you please

What about Morrow’s Grocery store!
Everything hand to the door,
Selling cheap. He can’t be beat,
Everything so clean and neat.

Now for Copeland’s Ice Cream Saloon,
Everything seems on the boom.
Always open early or late,
Service polite and up to-date.

Prof. Owen the town boot-black
Who was to Boston, now is back.
Bern himself is coloured some,
Does the shine with 2 in 1.

Several barber shops in town
Shave a beard or the young’s down.
Do not talk while in the chair, All quite
Willing to cut your hair.

Billy Cumming’s selling meat
And his prices hard to beat.
How about his beef and pork,
Fry and try it on a fork.

Three drug stores there are here,
Jimmy, Billy and the Mayor.
Salts, pills all kinds of drugs,
Powders also to kill the bugs.

Here is Have. He’s up to date,
Ready always early or late,
Contract work or automobile
Open her up and let her squeal.

Oh yes, our jewelry Stores;
Everything therein is yours,
All you do is pick the best
Frank or Langille will do the rest.

Now for wood our genial baker
He can do the proper caper.
Bread and cakes please everybody,
Doughnuts light, bread never saggy.

Look at our good Harness Maker,
Nearly opposite to the baker.
Reg on hand to make a dollar,
Sell a set, or make a collar.

The two Banks are up- to date,
Make a deposit, but not too late.
Don’t make notes payable at death,
If you are poor, go draw your breath.

Now we come to McCormick,
It doesn’t matter Bluenose or Mick,
He’s always ready to do the grand,
To sell you clothing or his bran.

Ladies; you want a hat in style.
Our three milliners have pile on pile
All shapes and sizes to choose from,
No need to send away to St. John.

Here we see Harris the plumber.
You can but he’s a hummer.
Work done well and done with ease,
He or Harold I’m sure will please.

Bill Edwards is doing well
With his honking automobile,
And his monkey is on front
Trying to do the speedy stunt.

Now about Frost! He is not Bold,
But his ice cream is so cold,
And his food is always clean,
Call and try his bake bean.
Well, well we almost forgot
To put our dentists in the lot.
Crowe and McLaughlin both give proof
They can fill or pull a tooth.

There is A.M. King and Son.
Don’t you want some tailoring done?
It’s the store for good clothes,
Even down to Black Cat hose.

J.L. Jefferson and Son
Well you, but they are some,
Plenty of boots and shoes,
From the best you can choose.

Frank, the Cash Grocery man,
Has oatmeal and well cured ham.
Come inside but not alone.
You also can buy a telephone.

Don’t you want some good Hardware?
Go to West’s, you’ll find it there.
There you’ll get all kinds of delph,
Cheap for cash, right off the shelf.

The Telegraph office and Telephone
Do business, don’t leave them alone.
Employee, courteous and very civil,
Would scorn to say do to the devil.

Four doctors good and true,
Never refuse to see you.
They can cure you of life ills
With pure medicine or liver pills.

B.B Hardwick, the Pearline man,
Has Marconi, beat him if you can.
Automobiles they have to show
When Benny lets his pacer go.

Why here we are across the track,
Let’s go in and see Ernie Mack.
Here we find all kinds of sweets,
Everything nice even to canned meats.

We surely must not miss Frank,
He’s a sport and not a crank.
Always ready, but not to scream,
Telephone him for a team.

Joe E.
Annapolis Spectator, July 6, 1914.