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Bent Family Bible

Elias Bent’s Book Granville Nova Scotia March 15th 1863

Elias Bent married to Mary VanBlarcom December 24th 1811
Elias Bent married to Abigail Anthony September 24th 1844
William E. Bent married to Elizabeth Foster March 25th 1868
Alfred J. Bent married to Margaret Gesner September 17th 1868
Charles E. Bent married to Laura E. Sulis November 28th 1876

Elias Bent born December 20th 1788
Mary Bent wife of the above born August 2nd 1793
Anna Bent born November 26th 1812
Joseph Bent born January 13th 1816
Maria Bent born August 22nd 1818
Elizabeth Bent born March 22nd 1821
Georgianna Bent born June 4th 1823
John Henry Bent born October 9th 1826
Ebenezer Bent born February 6th 1829
Ruth Ann Bent born August 2nd 1831
George Thomas Bent born November 6th 1834
William Bent born June 24th 1845
Alfred J. Bent born Sept. 10th 1846
Charles E. Bent born July 5th 1848
William Edwin Bent born Feb. 28th 1878
Alfred Ernest Bent born Feb. 3rd 1888
Charles Lewis Shaffner Bent born July 20th 1908
Chester Edwin Bent born Sept. 27th 1909
Ernest Eugene Bent born May 6th 1911
Marion Kathleen Bent born Jan. 7th 1913
Elizabeth Sulis Bent born Aug. 22nd 1914

Mary Bent departed this life March 3rd 1837
Maria Longmire departed this life August 28th 1838
Anna Bent departed this life April 18th 1842
John H. Bent departed this life Nov. 20th 1851
Nedibiah Bent departed this life January 13th 1815
William E. Bent departed this life May 10th 1874
Elias Bent departed this life Nov. 17th 1878
Abigail C. Bent departed this life March 23rd 1891
Charles E. Bent departed this life Sept. 30th 1892
Alfred E. Bent departed this life May 2nd 1895
Laura Emma Bent departed this life May 30th 1905