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Mi’kmaw census Bear River 1842

Census of Mi’kmaw Families Settled at Bear River (L’sitkuk), taken by Joseph Howe, 1842:

Andrew Meuse: 2 Boys and 2 Girls
James Meuse: Wife and adopted child
John Pictou and Wife
Mathew Pictou: French Wife and 2 Children
Ben Pictou: Wife and 2 Children
John Pictou Jun.: Wife and 3 Children
Francis Silome: Wife and 2 Children at home
Joe Toney: Wife and 3 Children
Francis Glode: Wife and 2 Children
Lewis Meuse: Wife and 2 Children
Abraham Toney: Wife and 5 Children
Stephen Meuse and Wife
Peter John: Wife and 3 Children
Peter Bobeye: Wife and adopted Boy
Stephen Knockwood: Wife and 4 Children
And a few others, about 66 souls
John Toney, drunken, Kentville: Wife and 3 Children