Annapolis Heritage Society | Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Tales from a Tiny Perfect Town

Tales From A Tiny Perfect Town is a project sponsored by the Education and Outreach Committee of the Annapolis Heritage Society that produces and performs theatrical productions with plots based on local history. These have been performed successfully at different venues in the town.

To date, there have been three productions, all written by Annapolis Royal resident Kent Thompson:

Five Stab Wounds in the Governor

An entertaining play based on the questionable verdict of suicide in the mysterious death of the town’s unpopular Lieutenant-Governor, Lawrence Armstrong, in 1739.

Washing Soldiers 1797

A rollicking play featuring a number of original songs that is woven around garrison life in Annapolis Royal at the time of the visit of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, father of the future Queen Victoria.

Naked at the End of the World

A work of legend, imagination and some facts. Based on Gregoria Ramona Antonia Reiez and Major Norman, set at a warehouse in Annapolis Royal, where the legen of their lives are examined by 2 shipwrecked actresses in deshabillé.