Annapolis Heritage Society | Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Artifacts – Do You Know?

Here are some objects from our collection. Can you identify their use?

In order to get the answer, click on the picture of the object.

Object #1:

  1. a tool for making lead bullets
  2. a druggist’s tool for making pills
  3. a tool used for ironing women’s caps
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Object #2:

  1. an early Acadian chain armour
  2. a pot scrubber
  3. a tool used for catching minnows
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Object #3:

  1. a tool for making decorative pie crusts
  2. an ancient pully
  3. a tool used for measuring distances
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 Object #4:

  1. a tool for tightening ropes on a rope bed
  2. a tool for taking bungs out of barrels
  3. a garden tool
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 Object #5:

  1. a shoe for oxen
  2. a tool for shaping wood
  3. a drafting tool to help draw curved
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 Object #6:

  1. a bottle used to transport spirits or other alcoholic beverages
  2. a hot water bottle
  3. a bottle used to store cream
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