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Mi’kmaw census Bear River 1832

Names of Mi’kmaq Settled at Bear River, living in 1832, taken by Peleg Wiswall:

Andrew James Meuse, Chief, on a voyage to England
Magdalen Tony, his wife
Francis Christopher Meuse- 18
Louis Noel Meuse- 14, with his father
Mary Anne Meuse, girl
Adelah Meuse, boy
James Meuse, boy
Betsey Meuse, girl
of this family the Whole No.------------ 8
Joseph Meuse
Nancy Magalash
Daughter Molly--------------------------- 3
Daniel Toney
Molly Noegwood
Noel Tony
Noel’s wife and one girl----------------- 5
Paul Toney
Molly Paul--------------------------------- 2
Peter Toney
Hannah Glode
2 boys and 2 girls------------------------- 6
John Pictou
Margaret his wife
Their son John and Peggy his wife
Boy 8 or 9 years old---------------------- 5
Old Joseph Pictou goes from
house to house----------------------------- 1
Malthi Pictou
Susan Meuse
2 girls and a boy--------------------------- 5
Stephen Nacguwol
Molly his wife
2 boys and 2 girls-------------------------- 6
Joseph Glode
Susan his wife
2 girls and one boy------------------------ 5
Francis Knockwood- quite old
Sally his wife- the widow of late Jn Glode
4 small children of Glode---------------- 6
Stephen Meuse
Angelica his wife-------------------------- 2
Francis Meuse
Isabelle his wife
One boy------------------------------------ 3
Noel Paul
Nancy his wife
One boy------------------------------------ 3
Peter John
Jannet Simon his wife-------------------- 2
Abram Toney
his wife
one infant---------------------------------- 3
Francis Salome
Catherine his wife
and three children, keeps unsettled---- 5
James Glode
His wife and two children--------------- 4

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