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Annapolis census 1768


M = male
F = female
En. = English
Ir. = Irish
Sc. = Scotch
For. = Foreign
Am. = American Hor. = Horses
Ox. = Oxen
YC = Young Cattle
Shp. = Sheep
Sw. = Swine
Rem. = Remarks by the Author

Bertaux, Philip42114315921423"A girl born this year; one male left the province"
Black, Benjamin213
Bennett, Thomas1121
Balcom, Silas23144776183Many descendants.
Barnes, Nathaniel3367283
Bencrost, Samuel5381Many descendants.
Bartlett, Ebenezer112113None known
Bent, David4261827102Many descendants.
*Bass, Joseph5510525142Many descendants.
Baker, John2463811Many descendants.
Bellieveau, Jean31Owned two fishing boats and one schooner
Basterash, Jean26One fishing boat
*Cosby, Anne1424
Campbell, Robert112
Clark, Uriah5381342163Grantee of lot 34 near Kent's
Corbett, Isaiah24613232
Cleavland, Samuel3253523
Como, FrancisAll Catholics and Acadians
Como, Francis, jun., and four others of same nameAll Catholics and Acadians
Davis, John221312
Dodge, Josiah34782One male and one female born in 1767
*Dyson, Alice121116237
Daniels, Asa321Many descendants.
Dunn, John46101310Many descendants.
Dugau (2)12French Acadians
*Easton, John3122252121One saw mill. Descendants.
Evans, Henry12314251Many descendants.
Frost, John211232731
Felch, Ebenezer21332731Many descendants.
Felch, Daniel314384Many descendants.
Fisher, Nathaniel112172961
Grant, David2112211
Grow, Edward227
*Gates, Oldham64102513183Owned a fishing boat.
Gaudet, Joseph13Acadian. Owned a fishing boat.
Hardy, Aaron11222357
Hardy, Aaron, jun.2464141Descendants.
Harris, John532622244Owned a fishing boat.
Hoar, Jonathan415131823271603Owned two fishing boats.
Hardwick, Henry23232364Descendants.
Hurd, Jacob4411102Owned grist mill and saw mill
Hooper, Thomas5274411Descendants.
Kendal, Elisha25725101Owned a grist-mill. One child born 1767
Kent, Isaac4371297102Descendants.
Lecain, Francis641934810282Many descendants.
Linsley, John211332Owned fishing boat.
Lee, Thomas11
*Langley, John5271543132Many descendants.
Lawrence, William11211121
Lawrence, Hannah22111Was a Miss Messenger.
Lawrence, Jonathan2131213
Lovett, Phineas11210425123Owned a grist and saw mill.
Leblanc, Charles321Acadian. Fishing boat.
Morse, Abner639142148Child born in 1767. Wife a Church.
Morse, Samuel2241424104Wife a Church.
Morgan, Ann336222A widow - three sons
Mealman, Charles34251
Messenger, Ebenezer2242843203Numerous descendants.
Messenger, Ebenezer, jun.1231211Numerous descendants.
Morrison, Joseph11
Parker, Nathaniel224221Many descendants.
Payson, Johnathan336412Many descendants.
Rhodda, Stephen178221
Rice, Joseph11122
Rice, Judah34767242
Rice, Benjamin1111
Rice, Margaret11
Rice, John336249183Descendants.
Rice, Timothy22224193Descendants.
Rice, Ebenezer1342232Descendants.
Smith, John14514221Saw-mill - cut 4000 feet of lumber, 1767*
Sanders, Pardon6217217915232
Saunders, Timothy14514221
Simpson, Benjamin224Owned a saw-mill
Spurr, Michael55101322
Wilkie, James341622212
Walker, Robert26115264821
*Winniett, Magdalen1182152
Williams, Thomas331525422
Winniett, Joseph45184846241Many descendants.
Worthylake, Ebenezer2241212Many descendants.
*Winniett, Mathew11322
Wood, Rev. Thomas2222211
Wood, William5161424104
Wheelock, Obadiah1341449162Many descendants.
Wheelock, Elias21312431Many descendants.
Wheelock, Joseph2252561Many descendants.
Winslow, John Howard23531243None.
Winchester, Nathan5382223Many descendants.
Whitman, Mercy549114222Widow.


  1. Bass, Joseph. A brother of the first Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts. His lot was No. 58.
  2. Cosby, Anne. Sister of Joseph Winniett and widow of Lieutenant-Governor Cosby.
  3. Dyson, Alice. The mother of Mary Dyson, wife of Joseph Winniett.
  4. Easton, John. See memoirs of Easson in another part of this book.
  5. Gates, Oldham. Owned one thousand acres of land - lots Nos. 60 and 61, near Clark's ferry.
  6. Langley, John. Had lots Nos. 83 and 84.
  7. The MS. Leaves it uncertain to which of the three names, Smith, Sanders or Saunders, the ownership of the mill is intended to be inputed. It can only be shown by reference to the original return. The Saunders family were early engaged in lumbering.
  8. Winniett, Magdalen. Widow of William Winniett, and mother of Joseph.
  9. Winnett, Mathew. Brother of Joesph; never married.

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